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The Klimatas Coin (KTS) thrives the Klimatas project

Klimatas is designed around the idea of using blockchain technology to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Proof of Stake (PoS)

Our blockchain runs on the Proof of Stake protocol and is therefore not energy consuming to keep online. This makes it a greener alternative to other currencies.

Sustainable Masternodes

Invest in a Klimatas masternode and earn passive income while supporting the EcoFund.

A masternode require 3,000 KTS

EcoFund and governance

The Klimatas blockchain has a EcoFund for sustainable projects and uses governance to allocate funds to projects.

Coin statistics

KTS price:
$0.0329 USD

Market cap:
$240,136 USD

Volume (24h):
$ 507.78

The mission

How is KTS as a coin gonna support to planet?

Read all about it in our whitepaper.

Download the whitepaper

Desktop wallets

On our official Github, we post the source code of our wallet and also the builded version for Windows, Mac and Linux

Where to buy Klimatas?

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