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Klimatas November update

Last Friday we hoped to get you guys involved with our livestream, but because of team sickness we haven’t been able to do it. Today my voice is still unbearable to listen to, so I will put my energy in a long article on our blog, so here it is.

In November 2018, a idea was born

Last year in this month, we as a team came up with the idea to make a new cryptocurrency centered around a topic in need of more attention: sustainability. We believe we can make blockchain connect more investors to initiatives centered around the SDG’s. We started very ambitious in January, with a roadmap centered around a budget we had in mind we would collect in our presale. This number wasn’t reached so we had to adapt, this is what we are trying to do this year, but we noticed it’s hard to come up some ideas with a community that’s not very big yet.

Our new focus

For a project like Klimatas to work, we need a lot of involvement from the community. People need to know Klimatas as a brand, as something they want to belong to. We need to get not just people from the masternode space into the Klimatas community, but also people investing in more traditional coins, or even people not involved with crypto at all. With the new Tree app we hope to easily get more people to know Klimatas. Besides that we are planning a lot new activity to start community engagement. This week we took over social media activity from our marketing team, because we want to focus more on tweets involving people, then just being a news feed.

We want to expand our social reach on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Discord. We’re also busy with setting up a Slack, but this is early stages.

Earndrops will also be part of the strategy. We can expand our social reach massively with other people retweeting or commenting on our posts.

For the new plans we are currently busy writing a new whitepaper, assisted by a lightpaper aswell, to make our key points easily readable by everyone. As we did we current whitepapers, we want to translate it to as many languages to get it accessable to everyone. The website is also due for a makeover, and we are already busy with making a new one. The current site is too much focussed on the coin, and not the project itself.

Tree almost set for launch

We are putting the final touches on our Klimatas Tree wallet app. A nice wallet app with staking and planting trees including. You can hold your KTS in and also easily stake it into trees. Just buying trees with your balance is also possible. To make Tree accessible to the most people possible, we are adding translations and a lot of simple functions and buttons.

On the left side we show you the home screen. As you see it’s very minimalistic and there are just four buttons in the bottom of the screen. You have the Home, Staking, Tree and Settings button.

On the home screen you have your balance, the KTS receive address, with a copy and information button. After that a send and plant tree button. With the easy balance overview you can easily see how much funds are in your normal wallet and how many in the staking wallet. To keep the Klimatas wallet decentralized, we decided to introduce a system similar to how the Flits wallet system works. You get a 12 word seed you need to write down, and to stake coins you have to move these to a online staking wallet.

The final things we are doing now are final tests, finishing the Dutch language files and testing the Stripe gateway to buy KTS instantly from the app. So far everything works fast and smooth, ready to be used by everyone.

There has been some delay in this, but I have been working on the new blockchain update aswell. This one is coming out soon after some tests. It will be a mandatory update.


Maybe you have heard of on-chain governance before. Governance on the blockchain is a way to have masternode holders vote on proposal submitted by anyone who wishes to do so. This can be either the Klimatas team, a partner we work with, or even you!

The Klimatas team can submit for example budget proposals for server upkeep or general costs, but also submit proposals for partners to support their initiatives. We also plan to submit proposals for international staff.

As mentioned before, you can also submit a proposal yourself. Imagine you want to print posters to promote Klimatas in your own town, you can submit a proposal, and if the masternode holders agree, you will get the funding to do so.

Can you imagine the possibilities of governance? We can fund small projects without even collecting money for it.

More details about governance to be revealed soon.

Team status

As you might know, the three of us still have another job to pay the bills. Currently our spare time goes into Klimatas so sometimes we might seem a bit inactive. We have some good news as we will have a day less at our other jobs soon, so we will be able to invest 3-4 days a week per person into Klimatas to support it’s growth.

Koen will start with actively approaching projects and hopefully we will find some candidates to get our first governance project or to launch the investment platform with.

Meeting at the Dutch national bank

Next Friday (8th of November) we will go to our national bank. They have scheduled a seminar where they invited all crypto related companies in the Netherlands. The Ministry of Finance will also be present and we hope to get some more information about laws and what will change when AMLD5 gets active on January 10. After the event we will write an article on this as well.


We have a lot of things to do. With the Tree app we hope to make the first step towards more community engagement. If we can plant a lot of trees together we can make a name. With the app being made available in multiple languages and making it very easy we hope to reach a very broad audience. After this the full focus goes on marketing and community growth.

With the new earndrop, website, governance platform and whitepaper we hope to expand our community fast and start 2020 with a community that gets bigger every day, from where we can keep building on new projects and platforms allowing us to make our vision a reality.

Again, really sorry for not being able to host the livestream for you this evening. To catch up we will schedule a Q&A session with our complete team.

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