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Updates and Livestream

We hosted a livestream last Monday September 30th to keep you informed about what is going to happen with Klimatas in the likes of updates and recent events.

This announcement is to clarify everything we said. We are doing this to make it clear to everybody what we said. As well for everyone who did not watch the livestream.

The first thing we discussed was about us receiving the key for a new workspace. This was planned much earlier but now finally we got it. This workspace will lead to us being better focussed on future projects/work.

One of those first projects will be the “Tree” app, For now crypto is only for people who are involved with technicallity and computers. They will also be able to actually use a crypto related app. The app will be about planting trees for a fixed amount in Dollar paid in Klimatas. For example when you have Klimatas in a staking pool you can dedicate an amount of those rewards to the app to plant trees with. We will intergrate creditcard payments from the start into the app as well. So you can buy Klimatas with a creditcard or with bitcoin and start using those Klimatas coins immediatly.

With this app you can help the environment while at the same time earn more Klimatas and nice rewards.

There will be a new optional functionallity for Klimatas masternodes., where a part of your reward will go to a fund where we buy Trees from.

Next thing we talk about is our investment platform. The investment platform is finished! Now we just need projects to invest in. We will be searching for projects like this in the next couple of weeks. Also everyone will be able to submit projects to us. This can happen through discord, telegram, and e-mail. Note that we will need personal information about you when you want your submitted project to go through.

When we have some projects the investment platform will be opend.

We are also going to implement Governance, this is a budget proposal system for projects and fundings. You can see these budget proposal systems on projects like Dash and PIVX as well. Here we can post proposals. The masternode owners of Klimatas will be able to vote on a project they like or see potential in. Us as the team will go over every proposal to see if it’s valid and let you guys know.

About the website of Klimatas. Right now it looks outdated and we know that. It’s on our to do list to build a new version of the website. This version of the site will be more about the project and recent events and less about the first stages of the coin. We are also providing a new roadmap on the website.

The last point we talked about is our community. Like every coin the community is key, we will be focussing on growing this community to excell the growth of Klimatas (and the trees :P) I myself am gonna pick up on a lot of the communication again. But we will also be searching for an extra community manager for the discord/telegram.

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