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Klimatas announces TreeNodes and Tree app

The last few months we have put some focus on our Flits app to get a revenue stream. The app is performing very well and new users join us everyday. We are almost set for the V3 release. We also enjoyed some vacation and we are off to a fresh start.
Now it’s time to get development on Klimatas. As you know we are still developing the investment platform (Hub) and the Klimatas 3D platform. In the meantime, also with the help of a community member, we have worked out two new concepts Klimatas is going to develop in the next months.


First, our blockchain. Klimatas is gonna upgrade traditional Masternodes to a new concept called TreeNodes. At this moment a Proof of Stake block shares the block reward with a staker and a masternode. This will add a third.
The reward for a masternode stays the same, however, a part of the reward goes to a fund where the Klimatas team is going to plant trees of. At this moment the masternode reward is 4.40 KTS, this could for example become 4 KTS, where 0.40 KTS will go to the fund.
Everyone holding a masternode of Klimatas is contributing to a greener future, your investment will grow trees.

More details about TreeNodes and the impact on the reward schedule will follow in October. We will also introduce a cool reward program where you can register your masternodes, and can get cool Klimatas goodies based on how much you contribute to the environment.

Tree app

We are going to release a new app in October, called Tree. Tree is gonna be a app where people can deposit KTS. It will work as a staking pool where you can select a percentage to invest intro trees. At the end of every week there is a report available of trees planted by the Tree users and Klimatas investors. You can also just buy trees with KTS without staking. In the app you collect points for every tree planted where you can buy cool goodies with aswell, and you will also earn achievements.

The website will be and is now under construction

Klimatas will also get a new website, more detailed and commited to describe it’s goals and features. More about that later.

TreeNodes are expected to be activated on mainnet on November 1st, and Tree is set to release October 14th

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