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Klimatas July update

As most of our investors already know, we changed the collateral for hosting a masternode to avoid saturation of the network with too many nodes. Now you have one node while in the past you had three and the most important part for our investors is that the return on investment (ROI) has stayed the same. The maximum supply has been lowered from 50,000,000 to 23,000,000 KTS what should also bring more value to your investment over time, this was the time we decided to raise the collateral from 1,000 to 3,000 KTS. These two changes are meant to create more value to our investors and to the network when more coins are locked in masternodes. We also have created Flits, it’s our app to increase our monthly income besides Klimatas, another POS/Masternode currency that helps us invest in our goals that we have set with Klimatas and also to buy back and provide a more stable and higher value for our supporters. On Flits app we have optimised your ability to setup your node , userfriendly and on top of security with Flits 3.0 available soon, it was the main goals, simplified for people that have no knowledge about setting up masternodes or hate to do that ! It also provides shared masternodes if buying a full masternode is to expensive or even if it is just to have a taste of it and because of this our userbase is growing rapidly. Because all of these actions we managed to keep the value stable in the past days or even weeks and probably the greatest achievement from the last week is being listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC).

Our platform is coming up, we should be able to launch the platform in September so they will work alongside each other. Our education/investments platform are the main objectives of “Klimatas” and will allow us to bring together various economic sectors and more particularly in the sustainable activity. What does that mean? This means that we would like to promote projects that have objectives to protect our planet due to our excessive consumption. To find ways to grow and care for our environment at the same time. Sharing our knowledge is what we want to be able to offer an market place where it is easy to learn, to inform and even to produce for example (object, energy…) in a sustainable way. However the Environment is not the main focus of Klimatas. It’s everything based around the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG’s) and the environment is a part of those goals. Now we would like to expand the network and grow our community. Being driven by our community will always be important and we try to be part of it as much as possible. Our community is our tomorrow.

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