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Exciting news, we are expanding

Hey everyone,

It’s been some time since we did an update about our project, so here we are again.

Over the past weeks we have learned a lot, and saw a lot of things happening. Our Hub is growing every day, with an impressive 133 masternodes running already!
We have some news that we like to tell you about. It was too much for an announcement, so we decided to write a blog post about it.

Making partnerships is hard

At this moment our coin price is at a very low point. For some crypto projects this wouldn’t matter, because their projects are based on the web, but in our case, it does.
We want to develop sustainable projects and initiatives, which requires money. With the Hub we make some money, but it’s not a lot.

Last week we had contact with a school, to help them organize a SDG hackathon. This failed. The reason why? We had nothing to offer.

The problem

We enabled governance in our wallet a few weeks ago. This functionality was meant to get us money for projects. Let’s get back to the hackathon. This is a idea we had for some time, and we wanted to offer price money to the winners of the hackathon, which made them able to continue their progress and we could adopt those projects. With KTS selling at $0.08 this is hard. If we wanted to offer $1000 to the winner, this would mean selling a number of 12,500 KTS, this is something our demand can’t handle, and if it did, would be an unethical amount of coins to sell. We also don’t make this kind of money with the Hub yet.

What does this mean for Klimatas

At this moment we are stuck. We don’t have money to make goals true and the only source of income is our Hub at the moment. But, don’t worry, we won’t bail out now. We came up with another solution. We are starting a new exciting project. This requires some changes in the organizational structure of our company. Let’s dive into this a bit.

Currently we have two companies.

Klimatas B.V.
Klimatas 3D B.V.

We are going to change this. We will register a new holding company called Dutch Crypto Works B.V. Klimatas B.V. will be registered under this company, which means that Klimatas profit will go the the balance of the holding company. We also start a new project, called Flits B.V.

What is Flits, we have never heard of this?

That’s true. Our attempts to partner up with companies and schools failed, and that got us thinking. We really want to make Klimatas a success, but we simply need money to achieve that.

This is why we start another project. We are going to call it Flits. Flits will be a masternode and staking app. More about this in a few days.

So Klimatas will get sidelined for another project?

This is not true. At this moment we generate income with the Klimatas Hub. We will keep developing it and list coins there. We will save the money in our holding company so we can reinvest it later. For now it is our product. We tried to do other things, but we failed, simply because we can’t offer companies anything in return yet. We are still 100% for making the world more sustainable. But as with everything in this world, this requires money. So, back to the organization structure again. Money we earn with Flits will be transferred to the holding company. We can then reinvest this money in the Klimatas project. This will allow us to do more marketing, get money we can offer to projects and keep developing. This will not stop Klimatas, we keep going, but we have to postpone the SDG projects a bit until we get more funds.

We hope you guys understand our decision, As I told, we don’t stop. Starting a new project will put us in a stronger position which will make Klimatas the project we had in mind.

With friendly regards,

Mitchel van Amstel
Klimatas B.V.

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