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Klimatas Hub: Connecting the invidiual platorms of Klimatas for better user experience


Klimatas comprises a wide range of projects that are geared towards helping to achieve the 17 Sustainable Developmental Goals stated by the United Nations. The Klimatas investment platform has actual working product which would ensure a constant return on investments unlike other failing projects out there. Investors who seek to run masternode for extra reward of Klimatas Coins (KTS) can do so by downloading their preferred wallets from the official website of Klimatas.

As part of its developments, the Klimatas team has designed a web wallet which can be used to run masternode and also receive KTS coins on the Klimatas Hub Platform

Interesting Features of the Web Wallet

The Klimatas Hub Platform would serve as the foundation upon which all the other projects are going to be developed. This is a very strategic and important development of the team because of its immense contribution to the Klimatas project. Furthermore, the Hub platform also comes along with special features which most masternode projects lack and this is a very disruptive tool of which Klimatas can boast off.

The web wallet has been designed based on a very simple yet well-defined graphic user interface which would ensure that both experienced crypto enthusiasts and crypto starters can interact on the platform without any difficulty. It has a wide stretched window which prevents a cumbersome display when interacting on the platform.

Safety of funds is one of the concerns of every investor in his/her investment plans and Klimatas has safely secured the web wallet by integrating the use of Google Authentication in addition to the use of individuals personal log in details. These security measures were taken to ensure that the funds of users are kept safe from hackers.

Additional Importance of the Hub Platform

Setting up and running masternodes are quite stressful sometimes especially when it comes to certain technical aspects of it and also the fact that your node needs to stay online in order to be eligible to receive block rewards. Klimatas has solved this problem by creating this web wallet where members can deploy their masternode with just click of a button. Yes, it’s that simple with Klimatas Hub Platform. Users don’t have to bother themselves with all the technicalities of setting up a masternode because Klimatas Hub Platform got you covered. Trusting masternode with third-party systems sometimes generates problems especially when that third party goes offline at some point in time.

In view of this, Klimatas has designed its own Web Wallet within the Klimatas Hub platform where users can deploy their masternode and receive their rewards safely at a very affordable fee. Masternode rewards received can be further invested into other projects on the platform to increase the return on investment of such users. Another important component of the Klimatas Hub platform is the Online Educative Platform which would provide information about the Sustainable Developmental Goals and its developments. Users who interact on the Online Educative Platform can earn KTS coins which would be transferred to their registered web wallet. Currently, the Klimatas Hub has successfully been integrated with the web wallet with subsequent developments of both the investments platforms and the online education platform to be launched in March.

In Conclusion

The Klimatas Hub Platform has been designed basically to ensure that investors and masternode owners have access to their investment plans at any point in time and wherever that they are. To ensure transparency on the online platform all earned coins can be safely transferred to a user’s local wallet installed by the user.

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