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The most sustainable crypto project

The first crypto project dedicated on building a better tomorrow by contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Klimatas aims to thrive sustainable development by merging two worlds with a shared vision of a better tomorrow.

We kickstart a better tomorrow

Fund and support the future

With the Klimatas Eco-fund our investors fund and support sustainable projects around the world.

Giving back to nature

The Klimatas forest aims to be the first crypto funded forest to help reforestation around the world.

Inspire and connect

The Klimatas projects aims to create a community of strong like-minded people who help to build a better tomorrow

Klimatas is more than just a crypto project

Klimatas is a digital ecosystem created around the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

See all SDGs

Educates investors about the SGDs

Inspire people to act

Showing the usage of crypto to conventional markets

Create real world impact through crypto

About the Klimatas project

Building a better tomorrow


About Klimatas

Why we excist

Klimatas is the first blockchain project dedicated to support the sustainable development goals of the United Nations (SDGs). The Klimatas project was founded in early 2019 by two Dutch entrepreneurs who wanted to combine new technology with sustainable development. From there the project has evolved into a full scale digital investment platform focusing on sustainable development. Since the inception of the project in 2019 there have been made a lot of changes to the project. Most of these changes were made due to the regulations within the European Union regarding Crypto currency. It took almost a year to come up with the final project definition to comply with the new laws and regulations. But during this process the necessity of the project also became more clear. It became clear that there is a lot of interest in sustainable development and that crypto also will be something for the long term. Maybe not in its current form, but the idea of blockchain and its advantages will be implemented within the financial field eventually. Combining this new technology with sustainable development is what makes Klimatas unique and a valuable addition to the industry.


Investing in Klimatas

Klimatas believes in “Real people, real impact”. Everyone that invests in Klimatas should be attracted to the project by its shared vision and not the capability of earning money. Of Course this is also part of the project, but it is of greater value for the growth of the project to have a community of strong like minded investors, who aim to make a difference. That is why we want to make Klimatas’ investors  Klimatas’ ambassadors. With the support of real people and influential stakeholders, the Klimatas project can grow into a respected and leading project in the Crypto space. 

Strong community

With the on-chain eco fund investors are actively contributing to the growth of the project

Klimatas Blockchain

The Klimatas Coin (KTS) is the engine behind the project and revolutionizes the way we move financial assets

Klimatas Forest

Not only does Klimatas facilitate investing in real life sustainable projects, also provide we the possibility to plant trees everywhere around the world using crypto currencies. 


Klimatas is the first crypto project that is dedicated to help reaching the UN SDGs

Eco Fund

The Klimatas Eco Fund is designed to make use of blockchain technology to create investment fund that is used to invest in sustainable projects and initiatives


Klimatas is constantly searching for new and strong partnerships with governments, universities and other organisations to expand the project

The team

The great minds behind the project

“Merging two worlds with a shared vision of a better future” 

The team behind the Klimatas projects aims to create value by converting digital innovation into real world impact. It is exactly this strategy that makes Klimatas a future proof concept and a true pioneer in the field of crypto and blockchain technology. Klimatas wants to bring two worlds together and create a close cooperation that will help to merge these worlds into one joint movement with a shared vision. Involving crypto as well as non-crypto stakeholders will give this project a whole new dimension of value creation. This will be one of the main pillars on which the marketing of Klimatas will be built upon.

Mission & vision

By creating meaningful and valuable partnerships with different stakeholders, we strive to create a network of impactful collaborations. By doing so we want to combine knowledge, time and cash flow to make an impact and contribute to the development of sustainable initiatives as defined in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Our goal is to become the biggest investment platform in the crypto space solely focusing on sustainable development, while inspiring and encouraging others to help creating a more sustainable planet.

This unique and ambitious philosophy makes Klimatas the first project to create sustainable value through blockchain. The whole idea behind Klimatas is to connect worlds and challenge others to come up with creative and innovative solutions for the problems of tomorrow. 

“We challenge others to help us build the world of tomorrow, by constantly improving the way we think“

“ To become the biggest sustainable investment platform in the crypto space,while inspiring and encouraging others to be part of a strong like-minded community focused on sustainable development”

“We believe that we can only achieve a more sustainable planet by working together. That is why we invest a lot of time in creating partnerships that are not only limited to  the crypto space. We have a network of universities, companies and investors that actively contribute and help to design solutions for complex challenges. This way we aim to become the biggest sustainable investment platform within the crypto space“ 

With this in mind we initiated the crypto forest. We want a physical presence in the world that we can show to everyone. This way we want to strengthen our position in the industry and start conversations with new stakeholders. The possible marketing value of the project together with the sustainable impact makes for a great opportunity to attract different partners and grow Klimatas. 

“We do not think conventional institutes should be intimidated by crypto, we want them to show the possibility’s and look for ways to work together”.

Decentralization is the core philosophy of blockchain.  The world of crypto this is often l viewed  in skepticism by banks and traditional financial institutes. We do not believe in the conviction that these parties want to get rid of crypto. These institutions are built on traditional values and systems that are hundreds of years old and have been bringing order and structure to our society. Innovation always experiences critical opinions and scepticism and we believe that we should value these opinions and involve these parties to guide them and educate them. Eventually, by working together, we will be  able to build something that benefits most parties and can grow into something great and sustainable.

Klimatas Ecosystem

How the Klimatas ecosystem evolves and grows

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Klimatas coin (KTS)

Check out more details about the Klimatas coin (KTS)

The Klimatas coin (KTS) is the engine behind the project and contributes to the creation of the Klimatas Eco Fund

More about KTS

KTS price:
$0.0329 USD

Market cap:
$240,136 USD

Volume (24h):
$ 507.78

The Klimatas Eco Fund

How crypto helps Klimatas shaping the world of tomorrow

Klimatas makes use of crypto technology to create a pool of financial assets called, the ‘Eco fund’. This fund is a large staking pool where Klimatas coins are stored to create a large investment pool. This pool gets filled with 20% of the rewards from the blockchain that are generated every day. In this case 20% of the block reward is going directly in to the Eco fund. This way everyone investing in the Klimatas project will contribute to the Eco fund and makes investing in sustainable development possible.

Current value of the Klimatas Eco-Fund


The United Nation Sustainable Development Goals


Go to the UN website

About the SDGs

How Klimatas aims to build a better tomorrow

The world’s wealth and welfare is not divided equally between nations and people. Because of that the United Nations created the Sustainable Development Goals, also known as SDGs. The Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 global goals created as a plan to contribute to a more sustainable future for people around the world. Created in 2015 by the United Nations these 17 global goals are all connected to each other but also help to tackle a specific topic on their own. Together, these goals form a blue print that aims to create welfare and prosperity for the world of tomorrow.

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United Nations SDGs


Our SDGs

Industry, Innovation and infrastructure

The Klimatas projects challenges the crypto industry to help and build sustainable solutions and fund innovations that can change the world.

Partnerships for the goals

By connecting different stakeholders the Klimatas project wants to inspire others and create a strong community.

Life on land

By creating the first ever crypto funded forest the KLlimatas projects hopes to contribute to reforesting around the world.

Responsible consumption and production

By getting more people familiar with the SDGs the Klimatas project strives to help these people change the way they think and consume.

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